Mr. Heimberg

6th grade social studies:Fegely Middle School

Week of August 31, 5015

Monday - shortened classes due to iPad setup in the morning. Notes over latitude and longitude, USA map worksheets
Tuesday - Latitude and longitude activity in the 6th grade lobby, quiz over latitude and longitude
Wednesday - Watercycle video and worksheet
Thursday - Indicator assessment retakes, current events
Friday - no academic classes due to Hold the Rope convo and Fegely walk-a-thon

Week of August 24, 2015

Monday - World map worksheet
Tuesday - partner read Chapter 1, section 1
Wednesday - World map quiz, begin Chapter 2 in Pictures worksheet
Thursday - finish Chapter 2 in Pictures worksheet
Friday - Plate Tectonics video and worksheet

Week of August 17, 2015

Wednesday - Learn about Mr. Heimberg and his social studies class
Thursday - Learn about digital citizenship and tell Mr. Heimberg about myself
Friday - learn about how to succeed in middle school